Bloch's philosophy of listening to dancers is still as strong today as it was when Jacob Bloch made his first pair of pointe shoes in 1932.  Jacob arrived from Europe in 1931 at the height of the Great Depression and began making shoes by hand in the workshop where he lived.  Jacob's repuation for making good dance shoes spread rapidly.

Today jacob's family is still listening to dancers.  In addition to shoes, Bloch makes a comprehensive range of dancewar apparel, dance shoes and accessories designed specifically for dancers.  One of Planet Dance's strongest brands, we are delighted to bring you an extensive range of Bloch Dancewear including beautiful Bloch leotards and separates, Bloch dance shoes, from Pointe Shoes to Tap Shoes, together with a fabulous range of Dance Bags and Accessories.

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Bloch RAD Rouche Tank Leotard & Belt
Price from: £9.45
Childs Age 6 to Adult Large / 3x Colours

MODEL: Bloch BU102
Bloch RAD Pull-On Wrap Skirt
Price from: £9.45
Waist Size 18 to 24 Inches / 3x Colours

MODEL: Bloch BU601
Bloch Alesia Metallic & Diamante Tutu Skirt
Was: 16.95
Price from: £9.95
Age 2 to 7 / 2x Colouways
40% Off
MODEL: Bloch CR4091
Bloch Sparkle Full Sole Ballet Shoe
Price from: £9.95
UK Childs 5 to Adult 1 / 2x Colours

MODEL: Bloch S0291
Bloch Vantage Micro Suede Gym Shoe
Price from: £9.95
Adult Small to Large

MODEL: Bloch S0618
Bloch Gem Glitter Flower Ballet Wrap
Was: 17.45
Price from: £10.45
Age 6 to 14
40% Off
MODEL: Bloch CZ6329
Bloch Prolite II Satin Split Sole Ballet Shoe
Price from: £10.45
UK Adult 2 to 8 / 2x Width Fittings

MODEL: Bloch S0238
Bloch Zeena Beaded Flower Applique Skirt
Was: 11.95
Price from: £10.45
Age 6 to 10
10% Off
MODEL: Bloch CR1710
Bloch RAD Long Sleeve Cotton Wrap
Price from: £10.45
Age 2 to Adult Large / 9x Colours

MODEL: Bloch BU501
Bloch Elaine Cashmere-Like Ankle Warmer
Price from: £10.95
3x Colourways

MODEL: Bloch W0962
Bloch Arriere V-Front Dance Shorts
Price from: £10.95
Age 4 to 14

MODEL: Bloch CR3644
Bloch Olesia Geogette Sequin Skirt
Price from: £10.95
Age 4 to 10 / 2x Colourways

MODEL: Bloch CR5161
Bloch Adorable Shimmering Hearts Crossover
Was: 18.45
Price from: £10.95
Age 6 to 14 / 2x Colourways
40% Off
MODEL: Bloch CZ9029
Bloch Iron Ruched Camisole Dance Top
Was: 18.95
Price from: £10.95
Adult Small to Large
40% Off
MODEL: Bloch Z2610
Bloch Pump Split Sole Canvas Ballet Shoe
Price from: £10.95
UK Adult 2 to 8.5 / 3x Colourways / 3x Widths

MODEL: Bloch S0277
Bloch Foot Thong III Contemporary Footwear
Price from: £10.95
Uk Adult 3 to 8.5

MODEL: Bloch S0675
Bloch Plie Cotton Camisole Leotard
Price from: £10.95
Age 2 to 14 / 8x Colourways

MODEL: Bloch CL5407
Bloch Foot Wrap II Contemporary Foot Glove
Price from: £10.95
UK Adult 1.5 to 8

MODEL: Bloch S0685