Northern Youth Theatre Company (NYTC)

Northern Youth Theatre Company is a non profit making organisation set up to provide a varied range of performance opportunities that showcase the talents and abilities of the North’s young performers. Our mission is to support and enhance the existing dance, drama, or vocal training the young performer is participating in, encouraging and supporting the individual performers’ technical training. With the company split in to two performance age ranges, 12-14 years and 15-21 years, we will have both mixed age range cast productions and specific age appropriate productions. Working on an audition based and project-driven model we will develop an exciting range of productions in a traditional theatre environment as well as in unique performance spaces, providing as much diversity and range of theatrical experiences for the young performers, so as to showcase their talent, nurture their ambitions and inspire their performance careers. Please take a look at the performance productions and events NYTC is embarking on as a Performing Arts Company.

Interested in joining NYTC? Please click on their logo above to visit their web page.
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